Resource Guide

The Postdoctoral Fellows Guide, the handbook for UBC’s Okanagan PDFs, provides basic information and advice for prospective and current PDFs. It should facilitate your transition to UBC Okanagan, and help to ensure that you have a satisfying and rewarding experience.

Much of the information in this handbook is from the Faculty Relations website and from the UBC’s Okanagan campus Human Resources website. Please check these websites for more detailed information and to check for current language and developments. UBC operates according to policies, practices and procedures that may change from time to time. Contained herein are policies and resources pertinent to PDFs. PDFs may also be subject to additional policies that are specific to their departments or funding agencies. The official University of British Columbia Postdoctoral Policy, contained in Policy #61, can be found within the list of policies on the University Counsel website.

To download a hard copy:

Postdoctoral Fellows Guide


The UBC’s Okanagan campus Relocation Office helps with the smooth transition of new faculty, PDFs, staff and their families who are relocating to UBC Okanagan. The office is an excellent first point of contact for those moving or who have recently moved, providing resources, support and events to help situate you in your new surroundings. Please contact the UBC’s Okanagan campus Relocation office for assistance with your relocation.